Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them. (Matthew 18:20)

Bob* is smiling as he leans over and says to Steve, “This is brilliant!” He’s not talking about a footy game or the latest techno gizmo. We are at the Housing Commission complex that we visit with the Helping Hands van and Bob is a
first-timer at the Bible Study now running there twice a month. Nine of us sit around the table, coffee cups and bikkies in hand, and we study God’s word, we share how God works in our lives, we ask questions of each other and of God, and we pray together.

Gradually we are learning about each other, learning to trust each other.

Paul* passes by and stops to say hello. He passed by last month and gave us a plate of shortbread. We invite him to join us, but he’s on his way to a hospital appointment. He stays to chat for five

minutes, not quite ready yet to join us, but obviously interested.

Betty* and Rose* recount stories of telling other residents about our group.  They are keen to include others. We study the Parable of the Sower and they quickly relate this lesson to their efforts to share God. They’re not deterred by the knock-backs and they’re not going to dismiss the people who presently appear to be “rocky ground”.

The Holy Spirit is at work in this place. I think we’re going to need more chairs, more coffee, more bikkies. Praise God!

*Names have been changed.

Judy & Steve Powell, Hagen Bertschy