“Inspired by the love of Jesus, Growing as Disciples and Disciple Makers.”

I am constantly encouraged by the words of our mission statement. If I’m having a bad day, if things seem too hard, if I’m questioning what I’m doing and why I’m doing it…I go back to our mission statement and I’m reminded that my inspiration is from Jesus love for me. And that’s enough to get me back on track. To be reminded that this is not about me lifts the burden from my shoulders and allows me to live in the freedom that Christ has offered to me. If I take that freedom seriously I can’t help but be inspired and encouraged to move forward with the confidence that I have in Christ. And with that confidence I’m inspired to grow as a disciple and to encourage others in their discipleship.

That’s how “Relational Evangelism” works. It’s not about me, what I know or what I do. It’s about what God has done for me and the gifts that He gives to me through His Holy Spirit. This gives me the freedom to just be a friend to my neighbour, a supporter in my community and helper to anyone in need.

We are currently promoting the “LOVE.LIFE Communities studies” and encouraging every member to go through this 8-week series. These studies explore the gardening approach to evangelism and at the end of this study you will be invited to join a LOVE.LIFE Community or you may wish to continue serving your church in your current roles.

The LOVE.LIFE Groups are small groups of around 8 people that are focused on sharing God’s love with their community. The groups will typically be made up of a couple of ‘evangelists’, as well as people who can pray, encourage, and provide hospitality and support.

Please talk to Pastor Robin or me if you’d like to be involved in a LOVE.LIFE Community.