You’re welcome too...  Our Saviour Lutheran Church!

We are continually encouraged by the sense of community we have and the blessings that this community brings.

For over 30 years we have been a part of the community at Rochedale, watching the young people of our community grow from infancy to adulthood, being a part of their lives as they have learned to know of a loving and gracious God. We have walked alongside parents, grandparents and carers as the years have passed and milestones have been reached and we are continually encouraged by the sense of community we have and the blessings that this community brings.

If you are new to this community and are looking for a church home, we offer an invitation for you to get to know us. We hope that this website will give you some sense of the nature of Our Saviour congregation.

Our Saviour is a community inspired by Jesus and growing as disciples. We pray that you might share this inspiration, and grow with us.

Our Stories Our History About Lutherans Redeemer Lutheran College

Our Saviour Lutheran Church began with the support of neighbouring churches and in partnership with Redeemer Lutheran College. Our relationship with Redeemer Lutheran College provides a unique opportunity to serve the community beyond the educational needs of the students.

We invite Redeemer students, families and friends to our community through the various activities and events of Our Saviour Lutheran Church.

We are...

Inspired by the love of Jesus,
Growing as disciples and disciple makers

We value...

  • Inspirational worship
    We value worship that celebrates the love of Christ and the truth of the gospel in ways that inspire believers and seekers to grow in their relationship with Jesus.
  • Prevailing prayer
    We value persistent, faith-filled prayer to change lives, meet needs and empower ministry and mission.
  • Caring community
    We value being a community of faith that supports one another in love and reaches out to the world in acts of compassion and love.
  • Empowering leadership
    We value relationally accessible leadership that models Christian discipleship and encourages and equips members to live out and witness to their faith within the church and in their everyday lives.
  • Enabling organisation
    We value congregational systems and structures that effectively and efficiently enable Our Saviour Lutheran Church to fulfill its mission and vision.
  • Outreaching discipleship
    We value biblical foundations for growth and development that inspire and encourage God’s people for service and outreach into the world.

We believe...

  • We stand - on Christ alone
    We believe there is salvation only in Jesus Christ. He alone inspires worship, provides forgiveness, gives new life, and grows us as disciples.
  • We stand - on God’s word
    We believe that the Bible is God’s Word, the only sure basis for Christian faith and life. God’s Word alone reveals the love of Jesus. By daily reading, the Word builds us as a community sharing that love.
  • We stand - by grace
    We believe that saving faith in Jesus is God’s gift, pure grace alone, created by the Holy Spirit. We believe the Holy Spirit gives ministry gifts for all disciples to be active ministers.
  • We stand - through faith
    We believe that we obtain forgiveness of sin and righteousness before God by faith when we trust what Christ has done freely and by grace when He suffered for us. It is not by our own strength, merits or works. We believe faith grows by life together in regular worship, Word and prayer.
  • We stand - for love in action
    We believe that faith in Jesus Christ creates a loving, committed and active life of service. We believe that growing in Christ-like love builds a community of welcome and encouragement to all, and generous action for the cause of Christ’s mercy in the world.
  • We stand - for sharing the gospel
    We believe that everyone in our congregation is called to confess the faith of Christ crucified and risen, and to help others come to know Christ and follow him.