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‘Our Saviour’ is home to a large and diverse family; young and old, and in between. Some of us have grown up at Our Saviour, while many others have joined us from other towns, states and even countries. Family is important to us and we have many adopted grand-parents, aunts and uncles, even brothers and sisters who can provide support and encouragement when your real family is far away.

We value the range of ages represented within our Church family and as a family, we grow most strongly and deeply when all the generations are represented. The young ones learn from the life experience of the old; the old are encouraged by the boundless energy of the young.

You’re welcome at Our Saviour and so are your little ones. We love to have noisy, wriggly children wandering around our church. Please don’t be embarrassed or avoid bringing your children. Jesus wants them here.

Contact us for more information about any of these activities and ways you can get involved.

Something for everyone



For: Everyone

Worship is the lifelong, all-age source of our inspiration as we connect with all that Jesus’ love gives us. Worship is at the heart of the hope we proclaim and the faith that we share. And what a privilege to gather at Redeemer chapel in weekly worship, for special festivals like Christmas and Easter, and in family events – from baptisms and confirmation to weddings and funerals.

Sundays 8.30am and 6.00pm

Play Group

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For: Birth to School Age, Parents and Carers

‘I want to keep playing with the trains!’ The eager three-year-old can’t get enough of Play Group time – little adventurers, shy starters, mums and dads with babies, toddlers and stories to share. There are parents seeking company or infant playmates. Grandparents and helpers join in, and former regulars call in for coffee and a chat before classroom volunteer duties begin. Life and faith grow from early fun.

Tuesdays 8.30am in the Multi-Purpose Centre

Sunday Morning Children's Programs

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For: Infants to 11 Years

Our kids are important to us and passing on our faith through teaching bible stories, songs and activities is one way that we share Jesus love with others. We encourage parents and care givers to take part and to take what they have learned home, continuing the faith journey in their everyday lives.

Under 5’s Songs

A fun time especially designed for this age group, including singing, dancing and storytelling for bubs, tots, little kids and their carers.
We meet in a bright, colourful room especially designed for them, with cushions, musical instruments and other fun bits and pieces.
The children can come with you to the first table for holy communion (if you wish) and then move into the chapel classroom (via the door in the chapel) for 15 minutes of fun.

Sundays 9.30am in the Chapel classrooms

Kids for Christ (KFC)

KFC is for children aged from 5 to 11 years, held on Sunday mornings (during school terms). KFC Club is specifically designed for kids to praise God with song, dance, art and games. Each week we learn a key Bible story which we sing, talk and pray about. Nothing can replace the example of parents and family, so we encourage families to partner with us at home each day by doing the “Faith 5”:


  • sharing their highs and lows from the day,
  • read a Bible verse,
  • talk about the verse,
  • pray together, and
  • bless each other (Example: ‘Child of God, may you always know the love of Christ’).


The Faith 5 helps you as parents and primary faith teachers of your family to nurture the faith every night in your own home.

Sundays 9.30am – 10.30am in the Chapel classrooms

Junior School Christian Dance


For: Prep – Year 6

Watching children grow from first songs to the joy of dance and worship inspires our junior ministries. Nine years of junior school Christian dance has led students and their families into the wonder of worship as action – by praise, thanks, prayer and drama. We build a culture of hope and joy in Christ.

Mondays 10.30am in the Chapel

'The Great Escape Feast' - Confirmation Preparation

a place where kids are loved

God comes to us and strengthens us through his gift of holy communion, and we encourage others to take part in this precious meal.

‘The Great Escape Feast’ provides instruction for young people and their families in preparation to take part. It is self-paced and available for anybody who is interested in growing in their understanding of this sacrament. For: Ages approx 8 years and over

Confirmation is the opportunity for young people to affirm their faith in a public acknowledgement that ‘this is what I believe’. Preparation for confirmation takes place over several months. For: Ages approx 13–14

Contact us for more information.

Our Saviour Youth (OSY)


For: Years 7 – 12

‘A spectacular venue, outstanding spring weather, an awesome team of willing leaders, and above all, a fantastic bunch of enthusiastic, cooperative and inspiring young people. They were the ingredients of the OSSY camp at Somerset Dam. The method was to combine the ingredients and mix them well, in a variety of fun activities, energetic games and thought-provoking devotions. Then simply add water and stir until weary. Pack up, send home and repeat, increasing quantities and adjusting method as necessary. What an awesome weekend! God is good and we’re already looking forward to next year!’

OSY—that’s Our Saviour Youth

Our Saviour Youth (OSY) is a youth group for students in grades 7-12. We meet on Friday nights during school terms from
 7.00 to 9.30 pm at Redeemer Chapel, 745 Rochedale Road, Rochedale.

OSY desires to be a welcoming group for all young people and we want to see people grow into active and mature disciples of Jesus.

The youth program includes community activities, making connections and developing friendships with our youth and every second week we are more intentional in digging deeper, exploring matters of faith and growth in our small groups.

OSY has committed leaders who will try to make themselves available for the young people whenever they might be needed.

Our young people also seem to gather on Sunday nights at our evening worship, supporting and encouraging one another by worshipping and praying together.

Fridays 7.00pm at the Chapel

Helping Hands

Our Saviour congregation and Redeemer Lutheran College work side by side in helping our community through the ‘Helping Hands’ van. With generous donations of time, food parcels and household items, as well as knitted blankets and scarves over the winter months, we have seen the development of real community, as together we serve others. To quote one of those whom we serve: ‘They’re all our friends now!’

Fridays 5.00pm – 9.00pm from the Chapel

Blokes 4 Christ


For: Blokes of all ages

A service group for blokes who like to get their hands dirty. Doing everything from cleaning yards and general handyman work to cooking BBQ’s and catering for community events. This is a great bunch of blokes with a heart to serve.

Meet monthly after Sunday Worship with service activities as needed

A Caring Community


For: Everyone

Our Saviour is a place ‘where love comes to life’. Seeing the community in action working at our national church’s triennial gathering as Synod, being actively involved in the Redeemer Fair, running events such as the High Tea, Bush Dance and the Jazz and Shiraz Night … it seems that there is always something going on, and not only for our own community but also to help overseas communities that need our support, in places such as Cambodia and Nepal.

Watch for promotion of activities on Our Saviour’s facebook page.

Prep Readers

Copy of Prep Bibles 2011 033

Every week a team of willing helpers from Our Saviour volunteer their time to spend with the Redeemer Preps. Early in the year, the Preps receive a Children’s Bible from Our Saviour congregation and as a part of that gift we love to share what is contained within those pages – the stories and teachings of a God who loves each one of us. We spend a brief time catching up with the students, reading a variety of bible stories from the Old and the New Testament and then we pray with the children that God will bless them through His word.

Wednesdays 9.00 am in the Prep Classrooms

Mid-Week Prayer Group


To come and share with people, humbling ourselves before God with our prayer requests is pretty phenomenal. We pray for specific people, for health, financial and other needs, for the school community, students and staff. We pray for our nation and its leaders. We pray for the church, the world, for those suffering and those who may be inflicting that suffering. It has been a privilege to see prayers answered and to grow in our own faith together.

Wednesdays 9.30 am in the Prayer Chapel (southern end of Redeemer Chapel)

Wednesday Morning Cuppa


Following Junior School Chapel (8.40am). A delightful time of friendship possibilities over a cup of tea or coffee, some nibbles and a chance to chat after the children have moved to class. Much laughter and sharing of joys and trials of ‘life with children’ has made this time a blessing for all participants. It is great way to meet other parents.

Wednesdays 9.00 am at the Chapel

Home Groups


The opportunity to grow with others is provided through a variety of different home fellowship groups that cover a range of age groups, interests and faith stages and are available at a different times and places through the week. Build relationships, develop understanding, share with one another and with God and even take on specific projects through our Home Groups.

Youth and Young Adults, Mixed Adults, Ladies Groups, Mens Groups, Young families, Craft Groups etc.

Contact Doorways (variety of groups, locations, and meeting times)

Thursday Ladies

9:30 Thursdays at the Prayer Chapel

Picnic Group

An outing for house-bound people

A monthly social outing for many in our community who are no longer able to get out and about without assistance is provided by our Picnic Group. We are always happy to welcome additional volunteers to help or people who would benefit from this regular social gathering.

Monthly on the 1st Tuesday

Men's BIG Breakfast

Mens Breakfast_007

Introducing blokes to Our Saviour. This is a great place for blokes to do two of their favourite things. Eat and Talk! Sharing life’s journey over a hearty breakfast, listening to guest speakers and learning more about our church and our place in this community.

2nd Saturday of the month, 7.00 am at the Chapel

Music and Choir


We have a rich and extensive music program at Our Saviour that extends from traditional classics to modern contemporary and most things in between and we celebrate these gifts each and every week. There is always room for others wishing to share their gifts.

Music Groups and Choir rehearse regularly. Contact Doorways.



Water by itself is only water, but together with God’s Word it is a life giving water. God brings us new life in Baptism where we use ordinary water together with His word to baptise infants, children, youth and adults.

Baptisms are celebrated regularly. Contact Doorways.

HOSTS (Hands of Our Saviour Together in Service)


There are so many ways to serve and HOSTS provide so many opportunities. They provide a voice for social justice as well as hands and feet to offer practical support for both local and global communities in need. By hosting community events they have raised the banner on the plight of fellow human beings and raised significant funds to provide real assistance.

Meet monthly after Sunday Worship and run activities such as “Trivia Night” and “Bush Dance”

Phone Care


Our concern for our community is shown through the love of caring conversation and prayer. An inspired group of volunteers touch base with our members regularly, to listen to, and to pray for the joys and the sorrows that are part of our everyday life. Our Phone Carers are given regular training and support as they serve in this meaningful way.

Contact Doorways for ways to be involved.