God has made you special.


From the billions of people who have ever lived, you are unique. There may be people who look a bit like you, some who may act like you or have similar mannerisms to you, but you are special. God has made you the individual that you are. When we gather as a community we celebrate that we all bring something different to the table, we each have something unique to offer, and we each have our own story to tell. We are interested in your story, whatever it might be.

Our Saviour Lutheran Church is a diverse community, with individual stories from many cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds, and there is always room for more.

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Every person a gift; every member a blessing.

Read what our people say about their church home at Our Saviour. Click on the name tabs below.

For me, the most encouraging aspect of Our Saviour has been its small group life. The growth that flourishes every Wednesday night is proof that God is at work when people gather together in his name.

I went with my family to Luther Heights and even though it was work, I had a really fun time. My favourite thing about church is Christian dance and being able to dance in front of everyone.

We were delighted to meet a number of young families of similar age with interests and circumstances similar to ours. Megan and I envision our daughter growing up in Our Saviour and developing lifelong friendships.

I really love the community here and the way everybody pitches in and does their bit. The friends I’ve made at evening services and my love of sharing music with this congregation give me a great sense of belonging.